Supply Chain Boost
Eliminate problems & increase efficiency
The I-Deal 24/7 Assistent will do the job
Payback in less than 4 months

Is your company ready to change because of what our customers already have told us?

  • Delayed or missed supplier deliveries disturb our production or customer deliveries. Replanning and extra costs affect our profit.

  • There have been misunderstandings and mistakes, from both of us and our suppliers and we didn’t notice. We also spend too much time on routine paper work and don’t have time enough to follow up important matters.

  • Just-in-Time is important to us and we need to develop trustworthy long-term relationships with our suppliers. And it must be based on facts.

  • Control and transparency becomes more important for us to manage the supply chain.

Do you recognize the issues?
Are you also ready for change?
Then have a look at our premium services.


Our services acts like a 24/7 assistant and is always alert.
It takes care of all interaction of orders.

Follow up, confirmation reminders, delivery reminders, checking for any changes in orders, updating supplier and buyer ERP systems and much more.

You will be in full control of all activities and not miss a deadline.

It’s 24/7, always there to do the job.
No misunderstandings or delays !!

Statistical report are available for all activities and levels.
Reports can be directed to the CEO, the strategic purchaser and other functions.
The reports always tells the real truth about the service interaction by users, suppliers and buyers.

Our services let your staff focus on important matters.
It's cost efficient, short pay-back, low risk and works with all ERP brands.
And you can be up running in one month.


Our services

Our cloud-based services act as add-on to ERP systems to eliminate or reduce bad effect and cost issues.
To bring up issues before they occur will strengthen your company internally but also to suppliers and customers.

Our services include a Purchase service, a Planning service and an Order service.
A Kanban simulation service is also available.


(Quote - Purchaser)
(Quote - Supply Manager)
Monitor, update and integrate purchasing activities with suppliers

The purchasing is executed in the existing ERP system using existing procedures and routines.

The service manages registered orders and the information exchange with suppliers. The service creates automatic reminders / alarms as well as a comprehensive basis for supplier assessments.

Supplier confirmations are adapted to purchasers / ERP systems and replace manual routine work.


(Quote - Site manager)
(Quote - Supply manager)
Plan and monitor activities and operations

The service manages planning of activities and prerequisites in real time. Different levels of plans are supported.

The service also manages multiple sites, contract work and use of external services.

Presentations are made with reports and graphics tailored to different categories of staff.

Material & Resource

Manage the planning / simulation of materials and resources

The service continuously analyzes needs and changes in real time. Incidents and deviations are communicated by reminders and alarms.

External suppliers can be integrated. The service manages linked activities between sites.

Status of materials and resources is presented in graphs, tables and reports.


Manage customer orders, confirmations and sourcing plans

The service manages reception of customer orders and adapts them to correct format for the ERP system.

Confirmations are prepared and sent based on each customer's requirements.

Received orders create the basis for purchases and production plans.

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